Naturopathica offers an innovative collection of skin and body care products and herbal remedies created to nurture skin and body health.  Their skin care products work with the skin's natural processes to smooth and firm, hydrate and protect, brighten and revitalize, and clarify and rebalance using proven botanical ingredients and clean cosmeceuticals. The natural ingredients are sustainably and responsibly sourced and packaging is recyclable and/or made from post-consumer recycled plastic and fibers.


The creators of clean, natural makeup, we're here to help you take care of your skin, your beauty, and your sense of wellbeing through the little choices you make every day. To bring you makeup that's full of what's good, and free of what harms. We also want to share a bigger sense of purpose that goes beyond makeup.That's why we're on a mission to help you, your community and the world around you feel the power of good.

1. We Invest in Art. It’s in our DNA.

We are committed to giving artists the tools, inspiration, and support they need to create wearable masterpieces every day.

2. Your hair is the most important thing you wear.

We strive to cultivate beauty from the inside out, starting with healthy hair that celebrates the vibrant individuality of the person wearing it.

3. What we do — and how we do it — matters.

We are mindful of the powerful impact we can have–from changing the course of someone’s day to changing the world.

4. Growth is essential, and the core of our industry.

As we journey to craft great hair together, SEVEN is committed to inspiring the personal, professional and artistic success of our partner salons and the clients they serve. We believe in cultivating curiosity, asking unlimited questions, making our highest contribution, and spreading ideas worth sharing

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Pai-shau hair care products use centuries old practices celebrated by cultures all over the world by incorporate tea into their products. Their products offer the holistic benefits of tea providing nourishment, shine and weightless moisture to restore hair's natural beauty.

Professional hair products Made in Italy with Love. FarmaVita offers a full line of hair care products that offer high quality and innovative products with the quality ingredients and cutting edge technology.

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